Gas Apparatus Repair

Service & Repair for Cryogenic Systems

At DJB Gas Services, we are ready and equipped to help you with your cryogenic equipment needs such as the design and installation of Vacuum Jacketed Piping systems, x-50 piping, copper piping, and carbon steel piping. Not only do we install a piping system for your liquid and gas needs we also help design and build the system to ensure it is the perfect fit for you.

We repair all major brands of gas apparatus.

We also offer welding equipment repair.

We also supply gases in bulk for your specific needs, from Bulk tanks, HP Trailers, Liquid dewars or 12 and 6 paks.

Is your need for gases growing?

We will work with you to help your operation in its expansion from cylinders all the way to large bulk containers, DJB Gas Services will ensure you are never in a shortage.